About Us

Life-changing Encounters in a Legendary Place

We’ve all had life-changing moments. We can picture them without much effort – the place, the season, the people there. Something supernatural sets those moments apart. At Glen Eyrie, these moments happen constantly. Our guests are consistently overwhelmed not only by the beauty of Glen Eyrie and its surrounding property, but by a clear sense of God’s hand over what happens here. This place is more than a historical landmark, more than a quiet place to get away, more than another conference center, wedding venue or fancy hotel room. What makes Glen Eyrie miraculous is the track record of changed lives, the stories told and retold after a retreat, a wedding, a personal weekend of prayer. God speaks to people here. He meets with them, tucked peacefully away from life’s rush-hour traffic.


Story Moments

Drive through Glen Eyrie’s gates and you will feel a century's worth of anticipation – the expectation and wonder of the multitudes who have walked, driven, ridden on horseback onto this property. The inquisitive public, the weary church worker, the scholar needing fresh filling, the invited guest seeking fellowship, the young searching for answers to the future before them – all come to The Glen seeking meaningful soul-fire.

Each requires a pleasant room, a hearty plate, a helpful heart. Does Glen Eyrie fulfill these expectations? Yes. Not a day goes by without letters of testimony from the grateful, sent from all points of the compass. What more is needed?

Guests must take “story moments” with them as they drive away.

“I climbed the heights and God sat atop the Rocky Mountains with me, weeping…”
“I found a corner of the castle and saw the vista of my ministry; passion was reborn…”
“I brought my demons and they fled for lack of oxygen – the air too thin between heaven and earth for them to breathe…”
“I sat at the table with a Glen staffer, and they listened to my heart...
The staff prayed for me by name...”

There is no question that this is God’s place, set aside to further the passion and mission of Jesus, the ultimate Life-changer. Each day, our staff asks a simple and crucial question – how can each of us do our part to help our guests have a life-changing encounter? That is what we strive for, pray for, and believe will happen when you visit.

Glen Eyrie is a ministry of The Navigators.