Pre-Course Survey
The Business of Change

The Challenge Course encourages a response from participants that will have a direct result on one's thinking and belief systems. The course offers many choices to customize your group's experience in order to meet your ultimate goals. The effect is the same; positive change and greater depth in relationships.

The Challenge Course is designed with many possibilities. This survey will give us a baseline to work from. Please fill out the survey with your ultimate goals. This exercise will be worth the thinking process.  

The number of participants is ideal at 10-12, and yet with a group of 5 there are certainly experiences that will be engaging. Groups up to 15 are also possible. We offer very engaging experiences that have less physical requirements and are conducive to an indoor or outdoor setting. Some of our outdoor components range from very high impact physically to low physical requirements, or any combination. It is our goal to customize experiential learning that meets your goals and delivers the best possible outcome.

You are welcome to contact Dr. Cope directly at 719-272-7481 or use this email form.


Pre Course Survey

Nature of group (What type of group)?:

Physical Level
Time Limitations
Topic Areas
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Group Goals: (Use these as a tool for describing your group goals)
The Cost Of Reflection
Recognition of one the Costs of “growing groups” is cost of time necessary for effective debriefing and value filled moments given to the reflecting process of the experience. Possibly the most important aspect of any worthwhile experience is the reflection of the events. This time will help individuals and groups to capture the meaning of the experience and to transfer the concepts back to the life/work setting. There are three times that reflection is used:
  • + 10-15 minutes before the overall experience.
  • + 20-30 minutes after the overall experience.
  • + 15 minutes built into each individual event.