Marriage Getaway Testimonials


“He (God) has reminded Steph and I that He tore down the house of our love that WE built (this has been over a three-year process) and laid a new foundation in Him. Now we are in process of rebuilding with Him. Hard, yes! But worth it every day!”  -James E., Colorado

"This time has really made me think about how I love my wife. Overall, it has reminded me that Christ has set the bar for my leadership and my care of my wife, not me. So I need to try to live to His standard and not mine." -Alex M., Oklahoma

“The service was exceptional! I have never been catered to like this.”  -Russell Y., Texas

“Everybody bent over backward to make everything so special. The food was awesome and the room was beautiful. I felt like a queen the whole time.” -Holly B., Colorado

“It is always a true blessing to visit the Glen! This year we participated in the Transformation (Challenge) Course! It was fabulous. We learned how to think and work together as a group. Loved every minute of the team building exercise…The entire staff at the Glen were so happy and helpful during our five day stay. Could not ask for sweeter spirits.” -Cheryl H., Texas

“God showed me that I was the reason my marriage wasn’t growing. It was because I walk in the flesh during conflict. Though difficult, I apologized to my husband and in tears told him about what the Lord showed me. This is life-changing.” -Jenna D., Nebraska

"As relative newlyweds, we benefitted greatly from Terry and Leah’s 46 years of marriage and the wisdom that came with it. Terry and Leah are anointed and passionate about their ministry and 15 couples benefitted from it! Through their teachings we learned how to better apply God’s principles to our marriage."  -Mark S., Colorado

Challenge Course Testimonies from April's Marriage GetAway:

"This course was great fun and entertaining, thus allowing us to know the other couples in a more meaningful way." - Dewain & Jan

"Possibly the most amazing team building I’ve been a part of. Greg’s heart and gift made this even more special….Highly recommend." - Ronnie & Cheryl

"Great trust building exercise -  great way to get to know each other and to see personality types in action…teaches learning to see outside the box…" - Bill & Julie