Going Beyond Ourselves
A story from the Global Student Program

“I learned that God loves me unconditionally, beyond myself.”

This is what one of our students, Abisayo from Nigeria, shared from her 8 weeks at The Glen.

Each summer we get the privilege of hosting the Global Student Program. This year, the program involved 30 participants and 10 team leaders from 20 different countries! Throughout their time here, they not only serve alongside our staff, but they meet together in small groups being discipled and equipped to impact generations in their own home countries.

As part of The Navigators’ Collegiate, International, and Glen Eyrie ministries, we are honored to partner with a program that equips young adults to know Christ and make Him known… all over the world!

Abisayo went on to share, “Before I came, I felt like God told me, ‘I have so much to show you about myself.’ I have learned so much here… God cares about my faith, not just my obedience. My obedience is just an expression of my faith. He loves me unconditionally.”

Shannon and Lisa Sandquist are the directors of the GSP Program. They served in Singapore for 5 years and with The Navigators’ Collegiate ministry prior to that. With GSP, they feel it is God’s gift to them to be “spiritual parents,” helping the group bond, develop, and grow both toward Christ and with each other. They hope that the tools and equipping these young people receive here will “advance the Gospel to the least reached people groups” in the world!

This year’s program includes 11 students that are sons and daughters of Navigator Staff – what a great picture of God’s generational perspective for the Gospel and for the mission of Christ!

When asked what some of the biggest take-aways are, this is what they shared: “Participants learn that there is freedom in the Gospel, they are free from perfectionism and earning God’s approval, and there is grace as they create a safe place to learn and grow.” “We want everything we do to be transferable back to their culture,” said Lisa. For some of the students, they have never experienced this type of environment, and the Sandquists hope that participants will apply what they’ve learned to both their relationships with others and with God.

One student from Japan says it best, “There’s so much I can apply when I go back home!”

We recognize that these young adults will become some of our future leaders in many of these 20 countries. We believe it is important that we invest in this future generation now, to help prepare them when God shows them the next step of their contribution for His Kingdom.

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