Escaping the Trials of Life
Finding more than just rest and solitude, at Glen Eyrie our guests find their Savior

Cindy works in a demanding medical field in L.A. County. She was burned out and needed to find rest and solitude. She didn’t know where to turn. Her good friend, Mary Beth, told her about Glen Eyrie. She decided to visit The Glen and see what Mary Beth was talking about.

Cindy came with a purpose: find rest and solitude. She left finding something much deeper; she found her Savior. When she returned to L.A., she told Mary Beth her good news. She couldn’t keep it to herself!

Then, this spring, Cindy sent her co-worker Maria to The Glen. Like Cindy, Maria needed to refresh. She came burned out on work, marriage, and needing some time away from the busyness of life. She spent seven days here at The Glen. Because those seven days were some of the quietest days on property, Maria was able to spend quality time with several Glen Eyrie Staff talking and praying with them. At one point during her stay, another guest recommended she go to the Bookstore and ask God to lead her to a book He wanted to use in her life. He did exactly that. The book was written by a well-known author who has a ministry here in Colorado Springs. Maria started and finished it in just a few short days. By the grace of God, she was also able to meet the author through a connection of one of the GE Staff. This was a turning point in Maria’s life and a moment that encouraged her beyond expectation!
Maria left The Glen refreshed and encouraged. She found renewed hope in God and in her marriage. And now, she looks expectantly for the ways God will speak to her and show up in marvelous ways.

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