Craig's Story
Craig and his wife found God’s grace and guidance; in the midst of brokenness, they experienced God’s healing.

Back in 2010, we attended Marriage GetAway at a time when our marriage was extremely fragile. I was pretty broken and humbled before the retreat, but you helped us to see how we both had work to do to heal our marriage. During our time at The Glen, we were able to claim God's forgiveness for each other and find reconciliation. At the conference, you taught us principles for seeking God's grace and guidance which we still apply today.
On a funny note, we were the couple at that retreat who, when asked to find a rock which symbolized our experience, came back with a huge paving stone it almost took both of us to carry! We were also the couple who, when we went for a night stroll, were surprised by a bear who had found her way on to the property… it was certainly a memorable weekend for us!!!
Since then, we are enjoying a much stronger relationship, thanks to the Lord. Much has changed in how we communicate and serve each other. But, two years ago we had a major move to another state, I have a new, stressful job, and we have two teenagers moving into young adulthood. We decided we wanted to return to Marriage GetAway - not because we are in a crisis, but because now we feel like we need to build on the foundation which has been established.
Again, we are very excited to connect with you, share our stories since last time, and enjoy your mentoring as we move into the next phase of our marriage.

- Craig

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