Dan & Deanne's Story
Marriage GetAway

Attending the MGA has been a blessing in our life over and over. It allowed us to step away from the distractions of life and really be with each other, to re-evaluate our marriage, our relationship with the Lord and whether our life priorities were on track with His will.  

The Glen, and the way the MGA’s are set up, is conducive to really enjoying each other in an unhurried, restful and gorgeous setting that has been balm to our souls every time we’ve been there.  

The conversations with Terry & Leah as well as other participants have been life giving. We’ve been so touched by our experience with MGA that we were inspired to create a retreat experience for couples in our area which opened up a wonderful way for us to minister as a couple and increase our passion for marriage.  

- Dan & Deanne Helmboldt

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