Dave's Story
A Surrendered Life...

Through the last 60 years that the Navigators have been stewards of the Glen, we’ve seen thousands of people deeply impacted by God. We strongly believe that God continues to meet His people here in profound ways.  

Dave Ternus is a man who wholeheartedly pursues God. A little over a year ago, God moved Dave to take over the fledgling men’s ministry at his church in Elizabeth, CO. After many phone conversations with Dave, he decided to bring his men’s group to the Glen for the Surrendered Life men’s retreat last fall. “While I was at Glen Eyrie, God reached out to me personally and also bonded the men together," he said. "It was a time of great encouragement....God re-emphasized that I should wait on Him and that He is not a God of impatience.”  

Today, we see the men from that small Church in Elizabeth, CO making an impact for the Lord. They are invested in their families and places of work, and impacting their church. They currently meet twice a month for a men’s Bible Study, and have an occasional outing. Dave has never seen the men’s group flourish like it is flourishing now.   

I tell you this story because God is still using Glen Eyrie to minister to people today. The voice of God can be heard clearly at the Glen. In my eight years of serving here, I’ve heard hundreds of stories of how God speaks, seen many lives transformed, and have had my own personal “Life Changing Encounters.”
- Jeff Severn

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