Kent & Nancy's Story
Marriage GetAway

Two Christ-centered young professionals entering marriage in our early 30's was thought to be much easier than it was! Even though our pre-marital counselor advised us to postpone at least six months because we were polar opposites in many ways, we plunged ahead with our marriage vows. Three and a half years later, we were committed to our marriage, because of Christ, but were struggling in how to manage our differences on many levels.

We went to a MGA with hopes to grow in our intimacy and in how to work through our conflicts and differences. We were blessed by the very practical principles shared as well as the personal counsel of the facilitators of the MGA. The MGA was a turning point in our marriage, and as we headed back home we were refreshed, refocused and recharged in our relationship with Christ and one another.

In the next 20 years of our marriage, we have had the privilege of coming back to some MGAs, and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to encourage other couples in their journey to intimacy with Christ and one another as we participate in the MGAs!

- Kent and Nancy Dyer

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