Sarah's Story
Tales from Eagle Lake Camp...

"Mom, I can see clearly now. I know why I didn't get to go to EL for camp last year. God used that fire to save me. I'm kind of like that sheep that ran away, he came after me. God sadly destroyed something so beautiful because he thought I was worth it, and that I was beautiful."

This experience at Eagle Lake has been life changing for Sarah*. I cannot even begin to share all the things we are seeing and hearing from her. She was a kid growing up in a Christian home, with parents who are transparent about faith, beliefs, and our sin. We have always talked openly about our need of Christ and what repentance is. Sarah has never disagreed, but has always been curious. She has professed a belief in God and that she understands who Jesus is. Sarah could probably explain to most anyone about faith in Christ and what separation from Christ means, but what she had was answers. She was an educated kid, but still a child who was lost with little blinders on.

She came home a very different kid. She was so excited to share with me at bed time her first night home that she "could see now." When I asked what she meant she followed up with this...

"Mom, when you were a kid, did you ever just need to see something for it to make since, something like a miracle."

I replied, "Sure I did."

"Well Mom, the first night at camp, they showed us a video of the fire and where it burned and didn't burn. It was burned the whole hill, but not the cross, mom."

She continued to share about her Bible times and special conversations she was able to have with her counselors. She shared the best story was about the lost sheep and then the prodigal son. Then she said, "Last night mom as we were finishing, they asked if anyone decided this week that they wanted to accept Jesus to go to the back of the room for prayer. Mom- I WENT!"

Sarah has been so hungry for more. She is reading the Bible that you gave her each night. She is highlighting lots of things that are significant to her. She is writing down scripture and memorizing the passages too. She has declared a chapter a night should be read. Our hearts are overjoyed. Her prayers at night have changed from simple thank you’s to heart felt praise and requests. We knew that she would one day be brought into the light and prayed for her salvation. We are so thrilled that God used Eagle Lake Camp, The Waldo Canyon Fire, the counselors and staff to minister to our sweet little girl. Thank you for being a vessel to reach children, and especially ours. We cannot express our gratitude in words, so we will share her story with all we know and pray that more children will experience the love of Christ and the power of salvation while in your care.

- Sarah's Mom

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*Name has been changed

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