The Bucket List
How a once-in-a-lifetime chance changed everything…

So it all began when I received a monetary gift from my father-in-law for my birthday. I sent a thank you and thought that I had graciously declined the gift. My father-in-law, however, did not appreciate that I did not think I needed birthday gifts at my age and demanded that I cash the check. To avoid discourse, I reluctantly agreed to keep the gift and immediately decided that I would do something fun with the money.
Thus, began my hunt for a castle to stay at overnight. I was thinking that everyone should stay at a castle sometime in their lifetime! As I Googled and researched, Glen Eyrie kept coming up. The only thing that created an edge of doubt was that we would have to attend a Marriage
Retreat to stay at the castle [during specific dates]. I studied the itinerary. It didn't seem too stressful. There was a lot of free time and I was thinking, shopping at Old Town Colorado Springs, a visit to Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, etc. etc. etc.
Silly me. The minute we stepped onto the Glen Eyrie grounds, there was no need or desire to go anywhere else. The grounds are magnificent, a real delight for the eyes. The people with the Marriage Retreat were warm and welcoming. The food was five-star. But the real surprise: the sessions scheduled as part of the marriage retreat. The questions and thoughts seemed unobtrusive but were hard hitting.
During one of the very first sessions, the question was asked, "Are you two Christians that are married or do you have a Christian marriage?" Wow. That hit a nerve. It made me hungry for more information so we could learn. Learn to become a Christian marriage. We didn't miss any retreat sessions. We listened. We were educated. We experienced. We looked at each other differently. We started to refine our marriage. It was exciting and scary. As the weekend was coming to a close, with barely an exchange of words between us, we committed.
We purchased one of the recommended books. The daily lessons are completed separately by myself and Dan and then we come together to discuss what we have read. It takes only a small amount of time during our day and gives us a chance to share ideas and thoughts. After being together for 22 years, it can be a humbling moment to learn that you do NOT know everything about your partner.
And this amazing new path in our lives would have never happened without the gentle guidance of the facilitators, Leah and Terry. Their calm presence, along with Terry's humor and Leah's grace, gave such a strong inspiration to achieve and work towards something much better. They made you believe that a married life together, that included God and his word, could bring wonderful and amazing things into your life. Terry and Leah helped us to realize that "with God, all things are possible.”
We came to Glen Eyrie to fill an item on my bucket list and left with a new life beginning. A new life that began with Terry and Leah's words and encouragement. They delivered on what was promised; a romantic setting where we were treated like royalty, time to pray together and with others, and God's lead put into our marriage. Such unexpected things but so life changing!
Thank you for the hope and renewed faith that you brought to us in just a short four days.
Dan and Terri Miller
Estes Park CO