Tom & Melanie's Story
"Our time at The Glen was pivotal. We fell apart in front of people... and they let us."

Melanie opened the mailbox and there was the postcard: Physicians' Discipleship Retreat.
Bad timing. They were too busy; Tom's practice had him working countless hrs/week; Melanie was pregnant, and their marriage was on the brink.
Just the day before, Melanie had pleaded with God, please “show up and prove that you’re still in control and that you care about us and our marriage.” They hadn’t ever received mail from Glen Eyrie. This couldn’t be the answer, could it? How were they going to make it happen with their schedules?
Despite the challenges, they decided to come anyway.
With 23 other couples, Tom and Melanie came to Glen Eyrie's Physician's Retreat. They didn't know a soul, and they still didn't know how they received that postcard.
Encouraged by other physicians and their spouses, Tom and Melanie were able to be themselves: tired, pregnant, and falling apart: they found rest. During the retreat, there was a day set aside for time alone with God. Melanie was tired and Tom had a headache. But instead of disengaging, they decided to dedicate the time to God.
Tom went for a hike as Melanie spent time in the Word. As Tom was out hiking, he saw a deer. He watched the deer bound from place to place, appearing here and disappearing there. Intrigued, he started following it. Disappear. Reappear. As he watched this deer he heard God clearly saying: “Follow hard after me.” It was like hide-and-seek, and God was hiding. And then He would appear: “If you seek me, you will find me” (Luke 11:10). In the busyness of work, life, and pregnancy, Tom wasn’t finding God, because he had stopped seeking. In this pivotal moment, Tom chose to walk out in faith and follow God on a trajectory that would change not only his life, but his marriage too.
“God is not only present when we can see Him, He is present when we can’t, and joy comes from recognizing God in the places we never thought He would be” (Dangerous Wonder, Michael Yaconelli).
"God has never ceased to show up for us at The Glen," said Melanie. Since that first retreat, Tom and Melanie have continued to “follow hard after God.” They have come back every year (half their married life), and brought other couples with them!
Today, Melanie describes The Glen: "If I was dropped from an airplane blindfolded, my spirit would know where I was before my feet touched the ground." Glen Eyrie is a remarkable place, because God really does change lives here.

Thank you for giving to and praying for folks like Tom and Melanie to encounter the Living God here at Glen Eyrie. It's because of you that life-changing stories continue to happen here.

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