Traveling from Fear to Freedom
As soon as Lisa drove through the gates, she experienced a spiritual joy that was indescribable. It was almost tangible…

For over 30 years, Lisa has lived in Denver.
She hasn’t traveled far, but that’s not because she didn’t want to.
Lisa has a psychological fear of travelling, as a result of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Although she has sought medical assistance and tried several remedies, her condition has never improved. So when she received an email from Glen Eyrie for a women’s day seminar, From Fear To Freedom, she wanted to come, but knew she couldn’t.
The fear would just be too much.
But this overwhelming desire to come to The Glen, hear Ruth Knutson speak, and experience true freedom just would not go away. So Lisa began praying, asking the Lord to help her get to Glen Eyrie and also asked for prayer from her small group. Waking up the next morning, she felt no anxiety about travelling from Denver. She called the Reservations Office and booked not only for the day seminar, but an overnight stay. Her daughter would be joining her.
As soon as she drove through the gates, she experienced a spiritual joy that was indescribable. It was almost tangible. Her daughter felt it as well. It was immediate. She felt this same joy the entire time she was here. God met her in a deep way, drawing her close as they closed the day in worship.  It was the first time she was outside the comfort of her own home and she was completely well.
Returning home, Lisa hoped and prayed that her fear of traveling would leave. But, it didn’t. It rushed back into her heart as she packed for a wedding in Steamboat. For whatever reason, God has not fully delivered Lisa from her condition, but she is hopeful and prayerful that she can again experience true freedom.
Looking back over her short time at Glen Eyrie, Lisa is thankful for the reprieve she experienced: the peace and indescribable joy that filled her heart as she found freedom. Being able to share this experience with her daughter was also encouraging. As she thinks about her current condition, she still has hope that God will deliver her - because she has experienced true freedom in the tangible presence of God.