Useful Beyond Our Perceived Limitations

How passionate must a man be to see the hand of God?
I was inspired by a close friend to visit the Glen Eyrie facility in April 2014. This trip was to be a ‘recovery-focused’ long-weekend for men. But, in retrospect, I have gained more than I had. How was I to know that events that transpired on the grounds of 3820 N. 30th Street, Colorado Springs, CO, would be so transforming?
The staff at The Glen was remarkable in providing more than ample accommodations. The dining was excellent, the grounds were well kept, and the Glenview Lodge was an excellent reprieve from a long day. Hiking the grounds gave me the time to recover my focus from a world of stress. Exploration of the Castle gave me a sense of purpose that can only come from God. The Great Hall was my retreat to encounter what can only be described as a ‘one-on-one with God.’ Jacob became Israel. I became closer through my personal ‘wrestling’ with where I am and where God wants me to be.
Each night was unique, but the over-arching goal was to focus our hearts on purposeful living. Nights of reminiscing God’s amazing grace, our purpose as a safe hedge of protection, our calling to instill God’s Will in our daily lives, and the ordained ministry of men-for-men all conveyed the burgeoning desire that we are useful beyond our perceived limitations. But, let me tell you this, no man knows the heart’s condition… and what it will take to move it. But, God does.
Our last day was filled with bitter-sweet joy. We had been on a collective journey that no one could fully comprehend. A time and place consecrated to a purpose you cannot find without God. Not one of these men knew what I carried in my heart and on my shoulders. No one knew what I wanted. But, THANK GOD, his men are listening to the still small voice. As we stood at the site that holds only the last physical remnants of a man and woman given to God’s Will, Jack McQueeney began to share the purpose God has given him. And, in retrospect, he gave us the keys to the Kingdom here on earth. I can’t put my finger on it, but my life was moved. A shift happened that cannot be reversed. Men point to landmarks in life, April, 15, 2014 is one for me. As we prayed for each other, God met us there.
Maybe ‘passionate’ was the wrong word. Maybe for you, it is desperate. Only you know.
To the staff at The Glen, I will be back. To Frank, thank you for considering me worthy of the call. To Jack, thank you for taking the time from your board meeting to lend me your ear. Jeff, keep up the great work, as God has placed you on a task worthy of His Calling.

God Bless you all!
North Attleboro, MA 

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