Spring Tea Menu

Pork Belly Canapé
Glen Eyrie house-cured pork belly and plantain chips
on whole wheat bread topped with mango salsa,
passion fruit puree, and local micro cilantro

Orange and Carrot Canapé
An array of carrots on pumpernickel bread
topped with compressed oranges, vanilla bean, cashews, and mixed herbs

Bacon Marmalade on a Crispy Yucca Chip
topped with local micro arugula and heirloom cherry tomatoes

Goat Cheese Mousse on a Parmesan Cracker
topped with roasted beets and candied lime

Hummingbird Scone
with candied pecans

Tres Leches Citrus Cupcake
with rosewater buttercream

Pistachio Macaron

Royal Tea Add-Ons

Mango Strawberry Fruit Drink
topped with coconut foam

Duck Confit on a Savory Waffle
with chokecherry gasticque, maple syrup, and maltaise sauce

Chocolate Tulip Cup
with hibiscus curd mousse