9:00 am

Welcome and Overview of the Day

9:15 am

Introduction to Apologetics (Darrell Dooyema)

10:10 am

Table Discussion

10:30 am


10:45 am

Keynote - If God Exists, How Would We Know? A common sense exploration of the evidence for His existence (Dace Starkweather)

11:30 am


12:00 pm


King James Dining Room

1:15 pm

Keynote - Jesus in DC: How to Think and Live Politically (Ryan Whitson)

2:15 pm

1) The Soul: What is it and What Does it Matter (Ryan Whitson)
2) Going Deeper on God's Existence; Natural Theology as Intellectual Therapy (Darrel Dooyema)
3) Why I No Longer Believe in an Old Earth: Physical Evidence for a Global Flood (Dace Starkweather)

3:15 pm


3:30 pm

Q&A discussion time

4:00 pm

Overnight Guests: Free Time and Check-In at the Front Desk
Day Event Guests: Visit the Bookstore and Event Concludes

5:00 pm

Reception in The Castle

6:00 pm


King James Dining Room

7:15 pm

Worship and Keynote - Why Worry About Truth: In a World of Alternative Fact, is it possible to claim truth? (Darrell Dooyema)

9:00 pm

Late Night Option


8:00 am


King James Dining Room

9:00 am

Keynote - Biblical Archaeology (Dace Starkweather)

9:45 am


10:00 am

Q&A, Resources, Final Word

11:00 am

Retreat Concludes