“ A day alone with God isn’t just another activity, but a privilege that allows you to dwell at length with your Heavenly Father so that He is able to speak personally and lovingly to you. Extended time abiding in God’s presence is not only a gift but a prerogative granted to God’s children! However, few of us know how to spend a day alone with God, and my hope is that this booklet inspires you to give it a try!”

Jack McQueeney

Many people struggle to find the time to have a simple, even short, Quiet Time with God, much less a full day alone with God. We’re all busy, the demands of life take priority, and it’s just simply hard to get away.
That’s why we’ve created this great resource on spending a Day Alone With God (DAWG). Folks are constantly telling us about their time at The Glen – how they enjoyed the peaceful property, how they “felt God’s presence,” how they found rest for their souls. But, what about bringing intentionality to your “getaway”? Most people don’t know where to start when it comes to spending extended time alone with God.
Now when you’re on property, you can experience a self-guided DAWG using our booklet – time well spent and guaranteed to bring eternal rest to your soul, help you experience God’s perspective, and even help you to discern His wisdom to decisions you want to make.
Authored by Jack McQueeney, Executive Director of Glen Eyrie and Eagle Lake Camps, our DAWG booklet is engaging, practical, and encouraging! With over 36 years in ministry with The Navigators, Jack’s insight, clarity, and down-to-earth approach to investing in extended time alone with God is sure to inspire you!
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