For You Are Known

A Weekend Retreat for Mothers

It’s becoming an all too common occurrence: miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss. Women who have experienced this also know the dark place of “why would God allow this to happen?” What you need to know is that you are not alone.

For You Are Known is a weekend retreat designed for mothers who have experience pregnancy loss. Connect with other mothers who have had similar experiences and discover hope, healing, and joy after tragedy. Through authentic and vulnerable discussion, you’ll be equipped with information and tools to help you move forward and seek to find your new normal. Prepare to dive into a weekend that focuses on the hope we have after loss and the joy that we can find through healing.

As a part of this retreat, you’ll discover

  1. God did not take your baby! He welcomed your little one into heaven with open arms!
  2. You can have joy after pregnancy loss.
  3. You can’t walk this road alone.
  4. There is hope after losing a baby.

Commuter: $121 plus taxes
Standard: $299 plus taxes

Event Speaker

Kelsi Cole & Alyson Brown

For You are Known is led by Alyson Brown and Kelsi Cole, two mothers who have walked the road of pregnancy loss/stillbirth and understand all too well the emotions that accompany leaving the hospital with empty arms.

Alyson and Kelsi are also the founders of “Foreknown Ministries,” a social platform designed to be a safe place for women who have experienced pregnancy loss and to provide encouragement and hope.

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Ticket Options

March 29th–March 31st, 2019

Event will begin at 7:00 pm

Commuter: $121 plus taxes
Standard: $299 plus taxes