Ella Mine

Musician In Concert at Glen Eyrie

In partnership with the anselm society, we welcome Ella Mine
to her first concert at glen eyrie!

Join us in the Great Hall of the Castle for a musical evening with artist Ella Mine.

Ella honed her musical talent for six years under the tutelage of Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music, where she studied classical piano performance, followed by a university degree in music. These years of training honed Ella’s already-sharp intuition and expanded her musical vocabulary, allowing her own idiosyncratic voice to emerge and flourish. A visual artist as well as a musician, Ella Mine’s musical aspirations included far more than writing and recording songs. Her passion was to create a holistic experience for her audience; something that she and they could get lost in. She knew from the outset that she wanted Dream War to land as a fully-formed, seamlessly cohesive, movie-score-like, symphonic experience.

As a teenager, Ella experienced chronic amplified pain. “I was prescribed a medication and had a severe adverse reaction that affected the functioning of my brain” she says, describing the experience. “I was suddenly overwhelmed by fear, confusion, intrusive and violent thoughts and dreams, akathisia, and a host of other psychoactive effects. Whether I was asleep or awake, everything around me was like a nightmare.”

The lyrics in Ella’s songs reflect this journey and her years-long recovery. The “fuel to her fire” in creating her debut album, Dream War, was the knowledge that others were experiencing the same kind of pain she had come to know.

These songs ask the question, “How are we to dream, hope, and love again after our first dreams have been crushed, our first hopes dashed, and our first loves ravaged?” Ella Mine raises these questions with dexterity, poise, and an ambition born of courage. It is impossible to hear any one of these songs without the sense that you’re listening not only to one songwriter’s story, but to the untold depths of your own.

Concert Tickets are available at 2 prices:

Preferred seating: the first 3 rows on the floor in the Great Hall. $44/person

General seating: on the floor in the Great Hall, in the 3rd row or behind. $34/person

Evening Schedule:

6:30 pm – Castle Doors open

7:00 pm – Concert begins

Approx. 8:30-9:00 pm – Concert ends

To make a reservation by phone, please call 719-265-7050

To make a reservation by phone, please call 719-265-7050


Payment is required at the time of reservation using a major credit card. Tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred.

Guests who book an overnight stay in addition to their concert tickets will receive a programs discounted rate. Call 719-265-7050 for more information.

Please notify us in advance of any special needs you have. We do have an elevator and handicap access to the Great Hall. However, the balcony is not handicap accessible.

We are following all El Paso County guidelines regarding health and safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. We urge guests who are not feeling well to not attend the concert. For guests not fully vaccinated, we recommend face masks, but they are not required for any guests or staff at this time. To see our current COVID-19 statement, visit https://gleneyrie.org/covid-19-response/

There is no minimum or required dress code. The Great Hall is often drafty, we suggest a light sweater or jacket for ladies.

To make a reservation by phone please call 719-265-7050