Brett Bowdish

Executive Sous Chef

Brett’s start in the culinary arts came at an early age thanks to the tutelage he gained from his stepfather who was Chef to General George Patton during WWII and as the Executive Chef of the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas for 35 years. Having traveled to many parts of the world, both as a child and an adult, some of Brett’s best memories with food came from experiences while living in Puerto Rico.

He has dedicated his entire career, which now spans forty years, to the art & science of excellence in the Hospitality and Food Service profession. Brett combines business leadership and educational creativity with his depth of culinary knowledge.

Chef Bowdish has cooked on the world stage for presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, and Bill Clinton. In the private sector, Brett was the personal chef to the late Sam Walton and his family. While chef at Walt Disney World, Brett was honored to cook twice for Princess Diana and her sons, William and Harry.

Brett and his wife Jane are now empty nesters, having raised four daughters whom have all moved on with their careers after college. They have one grandson who keeps their weekend schedule busy with hockey or lacrosse. Brett’s other interest include genealogy research, camping, kayaking, and his collection of GI Joes.