Drawing Closer to What Matters

Find yourself lost in wonder as you are immersed in the soul-stirring beauty of Glen Eyrie!

Nestled on over 700 breathtaking acres with 97 lodging rooms, Glen Eyrie’s stunning beauty and rich spiritual heritage create a place where, for a few sacred moments, guests can set aside their troubles and catch their breath. The Glen Eyrie staff ministers by thoughtfully creating experiences which set the stage for all to discover, explore, and be transformed. Whether guests come with a group for a retreat, individually for a program or conference, or for historical Teas, Tours, or overnight stays, Glen Eyrie serves a sanctuary and safe haven of transformation and inspiration.

As the conference and camping ministry of The Navigators, The Glen Eyrie Group is comprised of Glen Eyrie and Eagle Lake Camps. Built upon the unique intersection of natural, historical, and spiritual heritages, the Glen Eyrie Group promises to stay true to our Navigator calling by purposefully and thoughtfully ministering to guests through Christ-centered service excellence and innovative programming.


To Inspire Wonder by “Knowing Christ and making Him known.”

At Glen Eyrie, we promise to stay true to our Navigator legacy by purposefully and thoughtfully inspiring wonder through our hospitality, nurturing of guests, and in the natural beauty of God’s creation. In this place of breathtaking grandeur, we create a uniquely sacred environment that opens the heart, mind, and soul to moments of reflection, discovery, heartening change, and genuine personal transformation, bringing our guests closer to what truly matters in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop by to visit and walk through the castle?

Unfortunately you can’t walk through The Castle without making a reservation for a Tour, Tea, or Overnight Stay. To make a reservation, please call us at 719-265-7050.

Can I hike at Glen Eyrie?

Due to the Waldo Canyon Fire, public hiking is closed until further notice. However, you may hike any of our numerous trails when you are a guest for a Tea, Tour, or Overnight Stay. Queen’s Canyon trail remains closed to everyone due to instability and flash flood concerns.

What time is the Front Desk open?

The Front Desk is open from 8:ooam to 9:00pm.

How far is Glen Eyrie from the Colorado Springs airport?

We are located about 17 miles northwest of the Colorado Springs Airport (approximately 25 minutes) See our Contact page for a map and directions.

Can Glen Eyrie give a donation to my silent auction?

All donation requests are handled by our Marketing Coordinator, Megan McIlvaine. Please email her at megan.mcilvaine@navigators.org

Are pets allowed on property?

Pets are allowed to walk the grounds as long as they are kept on a leash. Please be aware of herds of Bighorn sheep, deer, and a flock of turkeys. No overnight pets permitted.

Can I come and take pictures at Glen Eyrie?

We do not allow professional photography on our property unless you have been contracted for an event. If you are here as a guest for a Tea, Tour, or Overnight Stay you are welcome to take snap shots.

How close are you to Garden of the Gods?

We are next door neighbors with Garden of the Gods! Hop in the car and drive over in less than a minute, or take the paved trail to walk, run, or bike over to the Garden of the Gods park.

Staff Team

Kelsi Cole

Group Sales Manager & Wedding Coordinator