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  • Please read ALL instructions below before completing this question.

    1. Please answer each question “yes” or “no.” If you answer a question “yes,” attach a written statement with the information requested beneath the question. For volunteers recruited from and assigned to work in Colorado, you will need to answer “yes” if you have entered into a plea agreement, including a deferred sentence or deferred judgement arrangement, in connection with a criminal charge.

    2. If a conviction or other criminal proceeding is the subject of a record that has been sealed, annulled, erased or expunged by court order or by law, you may answer the question “no.”

    3. A criminal record may not automatically be a bar to volunteer service, and factors such as your age at the time, seriousness and nature of the violation, time elapsed, and subsequent rehabilitation may be taken into account. If any such factors apply to your response to question 1, please describe them in your written statement.
  • While serving with us at Glen Eyrie, you will find many opportunities to impact the people around you; whether you volunteer for just a few hours a week or for an extended stay on the beautiful grounds of the Glen. Check out our list of current volunteer positions below and let us know which ones are of interest to you!

    Gardeners: Come join our team of gardeners who honor God and serve others by beautifying and preserving the grounds at Glen Eyrie! Our volunteer gardeners prune, fertilize, and plant annuals across the grounds, maintain wildflower and perennial beds, and plant new garden areas.

    Tour Guide: Give tours of Glen Eyrie and share the amazing history of this beautiful property with guests and visitors! Guides are needed year-round for two hours at a time. You can give anywhere from two tours each month up to four in one week, depending on the season and your preference. Our schedules are very flexible and are prepared at leasat two weeks in advance.

    Housekeeping: Help with general cleaning of guest rooms, carpet cleaning, laundry, sewing, and window washing.

    Facilities: Help with light plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and painting projects on the grounds.

    Dining Room: You can greet the guests as they enter the dining room, serve the guests alongside the dining staff, help make seasonal centerpieces, or help to set and clear the meals of the guests.

    Madrigal: At Christmas, we dress up The Castle in renaissance-era decoration. We have opportunities for sewing costumes, ironing, table set-up, kitchen help, food serving, singers, dancers, and many others. We begin accepting Madrigal applications in October.
  • (Examples of such types of injuries or conditions include, but are not limited to: back strains, shoulder or knee injuries or any degenerative conditions of those; hernias; arthritic, muscular or nerve diseases; repetitive trauma injuries; neck, arm, leg or hip conditions.)
  • We have two types of volunteers:

    Local: Local volunteers are those living in or around Colorado Springs who would want to join our ministry team. From regular weekly opportunities to occasional special events, we have the perfect fit for you schedule.

    Residential: If you are not a Colorado Springs resident, there are still opportunities for you at Glen Eyrie! Come serve for a month or more and stay in one of our residences or park your RV in our RV Park. If you have a skill that you’re eager to put to use, we would love to have your help!
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