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Friends of The Glen

Would you consider joining us as we impact eternity?

Every Castle must have a firm foundation. At Glen Eyrie that firm foundation is You. As a Friend of the Glen you are the support, the solid base, that helps ministry happen here on this awe-inspiring property. With your gift to Friends of The Glen, you are allowing our guests to experience God in intimate and personal ways as they seek Him in their own circumstances on these hallowed grounds.

We’re praying that God would put it on your heart to help us raise $400,000 per year so that people can come to this property, find rest and hear God’s voice, and ultimately, be changed forever.

When you become a Friend of The Glen, your gift has a significant effect on our ministry.

Top 5 Things Your Gift Does

1. Creating the perfect setting for guest to meet with God

Time after time, we hear of guests who have come to The Glen and encountered life-giving words from God. Organizations, businesses, hopes, and dreams have begun on this property.

2. Providing the best possible events and retreats

Guests come to have a spiritual getaway. We offer inspiring, relevant, and Biblically-based events and retreats that help our guests draw closer to what matters.

3. Developing the next generation of leaders

Our people are our future and that’s why we invest in them: training them in our market and our ministry, hoping to launch them into the rest of their lives with hearts for eternity and minds for business.

4. Ensuring the best possible people become part of our team

We will never compromise on the quality of our staff. We spend a lot of time, energy, and prayer recruiting, hiring, and training the best possible people to serve with us.

5. Stewarding our heritage and protecting our legacy for generations to come

To put it simply, we’d like to leave The Glen better than we found it. Maintaining and stewarding this historic property is a unique opportunity- one that we don’t take lightly. We are thoughtfully committed to ensuring the highest level of hospitality for our guests, as well as protecting The Glen for the future.

Our promise to you is that We Will

  • Steward your gift with the utmost integrity
  • Share how you are helping change the lives of people with timely impact reports and other communications
  • Invite you to join us in prayer as we update you on what God is doing in our midst
  • Inform you of upcoming volunteer opportunities and ways you can stay involved in our ministry

Become a Friend of The Glen

Thank you for considering joining us as we impact eternity. We are grateful for one-time, monthly, and annual gifts. Here are three ways to give:

Online: Click on the “Donate” button below.

Check: Make checks payable to The Navigators and mail it to:

The Navigators

Friends of the Glen

P.O. Box 6819

Albert Lea, MN 56007-6697

Become a Friend of The Glen!