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Glen Eyrie Fiction Writer's Retreat

Out of the Shadows

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About the Retreat

What kind of writers retreat would I like to attend? How can we make this retreat and conference the best ever? Those were the two questions our faculty opened with as we brainstormed the 2024 Glen Eyrie Fiction Writers Retreat. Here’s five things that rose to become our top priorities.

  • A relaxed schedule—with down time to write, rest, and put into practice what we’re learning.
  • Inspiring speakers bringing fresh insights and encouragement that will actually help us move forward with our writing.
  • Highly qualified faculty who make themselves easily accessible for one-on-one or group consulting. Faculty who can help you get “unstuck” and equip you to take your writing project or career to the next level.
  • Create an environment and schedule that allows writers and faculty to enjoy fun and community together.
  • A true emphasis on deepening and strengthening our relationship with the Lord … the one who gave us this heart to write in the first place.

The result of all this planning is what we think will be one of the most powerful retreats we’ve hosted. We’ve handpicked just the right faculty to help make this happen.  Join us this June as we gather at Glen Eyrie … one of the most gorgeous places on earth … for a retreat and conference that you’ll never regret attending.  -Tim Shoemaker

The conference is limited to 40 attendees—by design. We don’t want you feeling lost in a crowd. 

If you’d like to come earlier or stay after your retreat dates, lodging is available at a programs discounted rate. Please call our reservations line at 719-265-7050 for details.

Workshop Descriptions:

A transformative workshop exploring the honest, sometimes painful, and oftentimes even humorous reasons behind the shadows of self-doubt and impostor syndrome that haunt creatives. We’ll look at the psychology behind imposter syndrome (including what your specific triggers are), then, more importantly, equip you with God-given tools for how to reframe your thinking and overcome it. Through a series of reflective questions, hope-filled encouragement, and maybe even a few laughs, you’ll get to confront and deconstruct those doubts, embrace your unique voice, honor your creative instincts, and ultimately, write from a place of genuine confidence and joy.

If you’ve ever felt the burning desire to write from the depths of your spirit, to bleed your experiences onto the page, this workshop is your sanctuary of exploration and growth. Through guided exercises and introspective prompts, you’ll uncover the wealth of authentic material that resides within, waiting to be translated into words. Join us as we delve into the heart of fearless writing and create stories that resonate deeply with readers.

The clash between the real and the artificial is intensifying. It impacts every aspect of our lives and creativity. In this world of bright, shiny distractions, Allen Arnold offers a much-needed reality reorientation—a North Star that will transform our stories and help us pursue the real, defy the artificial, and risk our best for what matters most.

What’s the number one element that draws people back to a story? The characters. Love or hate them, they’re the heart of any good narrative, and the more life they breathe out on a page, the more engagement and growth they gift our readers. In this immersive session, we’ll delve deep beyond cliched personas into the beauty and methodology of crafting authentic, multifaceted personalities. Learn how to reflect the enormous complexities, ridiculousness, hope, and nuances of the human experience by getting vulnerable about your own. Prepare to laugh, love life a little more, and maybe even cry in a process that not only draws you back to the heart of your creator but also builds a story-wealth of characters that will resonate with readers.

At the heart of every major motion picture and timeless literary masterpiece lies a universal framework—one that effortlessly reflects our own desires, struggles, and aspirations. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of the Hero’s Journey framework, understanding why it forges deep bonds with readers and how to harness it to bring stories of joys, sorrows, and triumphs to life.

Let’s have a frank talk about marketing. Whether you enjoy it or run away from it as fast as you can, the truth is most authors are confused or frustrated by it. Can marketing sell a lot of books? Absolutely. Do you have to use TikTok? Does anyone do ads anymore? Are Facebook’s algorithms the devil incarnate? As a marketing strategist, I get asked those questions almost every day, and you know what I tell clients? They’re the wrong questions. So, hold onto your notebooks and get ready for a deep dive into letting go of everything you know – in order to lean into your God-breathed, spirit-inspired, identity and unique heart message. This holistic approach not only teaches writers to easily create compelling and relatable content but to also embrace the joy of fostering a beautiful community of genuine readers. Annnnnd I also might answer a few algorithms and TikTok questions if you need those too.

Retreat Theme: Out of Shadows: Illuminating Redemption Through Story


Retreat Leaders

Tim Shoemaker

Tim Shoemaker is the author of over twenty books and is a popular speaker at conferences and schools around the country.  Over twenty-five years working with youth has helped him relate to his reading and listening audience in unique ways.

His contemporary suspense, Code of Silence, was named in the “Top Ten Crime Novels for Youth” by Booklist.

Currently he is finishing a five-book YA series for Focus on the Family and actively speaking and coaching writers.

Tim loves writing mystery, adventure, and suspense that is clean, powerful, and definitely not “hokey” Christian fiction.

Tim’s energetic style of teaching helps make even difficult topics clear. He is all about encouraging and equipping writers to do what they do—better.  

Tim has been happily married for over forty years, and lives in the Chicagoland area near his three sons, daughters-in-law, and ten grandkids!  www.Timshoemaker.com

Caleb Breakey

Caleb Breakey founded Renown Publishing and guides UHNW families on an 18-month transformational storytelling experience, capturing their most cherished values in a meticulously written family memoir that becomes a powerful tool for their family’s future. Driven by unreasonable hospitality, his process includes personalized gifts for each client and results in legacy boxes for each family member that contain a heartwarming letter, custom signet ring, and a beautifully bound book from the patriarch and matriarch. Caleb is a former award-winning journalist, ECPA Book Award finalist, and teacher/emcee at numerous conferences, including Fellowship of Companies for Christ International. His elite team of storytellers and publishing professionals have crafted over 200 books, some earning spots on esteemed bestseller lists like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and securing Amazon’s #1 book ranking.

Loretta Oakes

Loretta has been writing for over 25 years, weathering the many tides of publishing. She has five titles published in both the traditional and self-published arenas. Loretta started her career as an engineer for over 14 years, then turned to writing and teaching. She has been an educator for over a decade now, teaching middle schoolers how to read literature and express themselves in writing. She’s been teaching at adult writing conferences, small group venues, and mentoring individual writers for 10 years now. Loretta has been part of the Glen Eyrie Writers Retreat for 14 years, first as a student, then as an organizer and mentor with Nancy Rue, and now as a faculty member and one-on-one coach. Loretta helps writers find their voice and grow in their writing skills. She answers questions about all artistic aspects of their work in progress. 

Mary Weber

Mary Weber is a ridiculously uncoordinated girl with a skill for tripping over tiny cats and large inanimate objects, such as herself. An editor and marketing strategist, she works with Hollywood actors and film producers, NYT bestselling authors, and multi-million-dollar entrepreneurs on developing powerhouse marketing or business plans, brands, and proposals. She’s also the bestselling author of six books, including the Storm Siren Trilogy, which has sold over 100,000 copies. Mary lives in California with her kids, husband, and an unnecessary amount of sweatpants. Visit her at MaryWeber.com, on Instagram @MaryWeberAuthor, or at The-Writers-Sanctuary.com.

Allen Arnold

ALLEN ARNOLD is an author, speaker, and Executive Producer of Content for Wild at Heart—the worldwide ministry founded by New York Times bestselling author John Eldredge. As a former Fiction Publisher, Allen oversaw the launch of more than 500 novels. He now helps countless people live better stories by helping them pursue their dreams and gifting actively with God. He is the author of five acclaimed books: The Story of WithChaos Can’tWaves of CreativityThe Eden Option, and the newly released Risk the Real. He’s drawn to blue oceans, black coffee, hot salsa, and big ideas. Discover more at withallen.com


Glen Eyrie Programs require payment in full at the time of reservation. Reservations cancelled or rescheduled at least 14 days prior to the start date will be charged a 10% fee. Reservations cancelled or rescheduled within 14 days of the start date will be charged a 50% fee. Reservations cancelled within 3 days of the event date will be charged the full amount.

Anyone who is compelled to write.  Our 3 speakers will address different stages of writing and publishing, from beginners to those polishing off a manuscript.  

Weekend attire is casual and be prepared to do lots of walking on our 700+ acre property. Colorado weather can be unpredictable, so pack layers. And don’t forget to bring your Bible!
Our property contains 95 guest rooms located in 7 buildings, including our historic Castle. None of our rooms have televisions, although free wi-fi is available throughout the property. Rooms contain coffee makers, but no microwaves or refrigerators. These are available for use in each building’s common area. To see pictures of our rooms, visit our website Gleneyrie.org/lodging.
Please notify us of any allergies or dietary needs in advance. Our Food & Beverage team can accommodate gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian diets with advance notice. We are not a gluten-free certified kitchen, and cross-contamination may occur.

Be prepared to do lots of walking and navigating stairs, as the retreat sessions are in the Carriage House and meals are in the Castle. Please notify us if you will need extra assistance.