Dustin Short

Housekeeping & Event Services Manager

Dustin was first introduced to the Glen while his dad, Frank, was attending seminary in Colorado Springs. Frank served as the Housekeeping Manager, which meant Dustin spent his Saturdays from the ages of 9 to 12 here on property coming to work at the Glen with his dad. Who would have guessed that 15 years later he would move back to the Springs, start working at the Glen, meet his future wife, AND become the manager of Housekeeping as well! Through this journey Dustin has really been able to clearly see Gods hand in his life. Dustin has loved every minute of working on property! Outside of the Glen Dustin enjoys spending time with his wife Lexi and their dog River, playing the drums at various worship events, enjoying the beauty of Colorado and of course talking about all things Star Wars and Superhero related.