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You’re here! You’re READY to make disciples – or maybe you already are! But what do you do now? How do you practically disciple someone? (What do you do when you get together?!) We understand it can feel daunting. We remember what it was like to have a passion to help people but not know how to take the first step. That’s why we want to equip YOU to make a lasting impact through discipleship. Hence, our podcast and blog! In our podcast, you will hear from master disciplemakers how they’re doing it. In our blog, you’ll not only be given practical tools but be walked through how to use each tool as you’re meeting with someone. We’re so excited to be on this journey with you!


Podcast 020 “The 3 Essentials for Every Leader” (part 2) with Terry Cook How do you maintain perspective as a disciplemaker AND a leader? Where do you begin and what are the pitfalls? We’re back for part 2 on leadership with LDN Global founder Terry Cook!

Podcast 019 “The 3 Essentials for Every Leader” (part 1) with Terry Cook Know what to DO, not just what to “be,” when it comes to leadership. Episode 019 is all about what you need to know to actually lead others effectively. Join our conversation with LDN Global founder, Terry Cook!

Podcast 018 “Growing to Spiritual Maturity” (part 2) with Ron Bennett How to identify what people need in order to grow in spiritual maturity, practical ways to prepare people for spiritual “parenthood,” and how to protect folks from relying on YOU as their spiritual source – these are the topics we’re covering with Ron Bennett as we continue the conversation about transference and cultivating spiritual maturity in others.

Podcast 017 “Growing to Spiritual Maturity” (part 1) with Ron Bennett We’re talking with Ron Bennett, author and disciplemaking thought-leader on growing in spiritual maturity! We ask: What does spiritual maturity look like? Why does discipleship have to take place within accountable relationships? How do you bring balance to both relationship and intentionality that brings accountability? And… what does Ron actually and practically do when he meets with someone?

Podcast 016 “Marriage and Disciplemaking” (part 2) with Terry and Leah Green We’re back with Terry and Leah Green talking about marriage and disciplemaking! Join these humble experts as they share ideas (besides just saying “no”) on how to protect your marriage and your own personal walk with God in the midst of discipling others. We also talk about how we can move from productivity to fruitfulness; and finally, what it looks like to be a Christian marriage verses two Christians being married.

Podcast 015 “Marriage and Disciplemaking” (part 1) with Terry and Leah Green We’re talking with Terry and Leah Green about marriage and disciplemaking! Join the conversation as we discuss practical ways they’ve found to maintain perspective, continue making disciplemakers, and decide who/when to say “yes” (or “no”) to… all alongside the love of your life!

Podcast 014 “The Impact of One” with Dianne Derby We’re joined by Dianne Derby talking about the impact one person can have on another who has on another! We call that “spiritual generations.” Listen to how one interview led to reading the Bible every Tuesday for five years with author, speaker, leader and Pearl Harbor survivor Jim Downing.

Podcast 013 “The Measurable Difference of Disciplemaking” with Katlyn Kincaid, Abby Anderson & Carmelle McCluggage “Disciplemaking” isn’t coaching; it isn’t just being a teacher or leader. There are distinguishable, measurable differences: disciplemakers make disciples of Jesus who make more disciples of Jesus to the third and fourth generation. Listen in to three generations of disciplemakers and hear how.

Podcast 012 “The “How’s” of Reaching and Discipling Millennials and Gen Z” with Abby Anderson Learn how to develop relationships (through consistent commitment) that can bear the weight of truth and the hard parts of life; how to invite these generations into deeper development and growth; and, how to win people to Christ, not ourselves… and so much more in this second episode focused on Millennials and Gen Z.

Podcast 011 “Foundational Truths You Need to Know About Gen Z and Millennials (from a “we” perspective)” with Abby Anderson Discover how we can understand the context and climate of the culture of those we’re discipling! Abby shows us how we can model merging the sacred and secular, how we, as disciplemakers, get to share how the Gospel changes our relationship with God, and how the Holy Spirit transforms our identity.

Podcast 010 “Evangelism: Six Common Mistakes to Avoid” with Scott Morton Scott shares how to avoid six mistakes as we engage with people who need to hear the Good News of the Gospel, while also offering insight and advice about how to actually have these conversations… even if you don’t think Evangelism is your gifting.

Podcast 009 “Are You an Evangelist or a Sower of The Gospel?” with Scott Morton Stop comparing yourself with gifted evangelists and start sowing seeds! This podcast addresses the misconceptions about our identity (and guilt) in Evangelism and gives six practical and relational Gospel questions to ask our skeptical friends.

Podcast 008 Leading the Next (and Now) Generation of Disciplers with Mark Heffentrager What makes different generations unique can offer an incredible opportunity (rather than a barrier) to minister to people in new ways through discipleship. Learn how Mark Heffentrager and his team at Eagle Lake Camps does more than make room for millennials.

Podcast 007 Personal Attentiveness: Where Evangelism and Discipleship Meet with Scott Morton What does evangelism look like for an ordinary believer today? Scott shares how discipling others and evangelism are not formulas or one-time events; both are vital parts of the discipleship process.

Podcast 006 Making Disciples vs. Making Disciplemakers with Dr. Max Barnett Disciplemaking has never actually been about addition. It’s about multiplication: starting with the end in mind. Glean amazing lessons from Max Barnett and his 50+ years of intentionally focusing on disciplemaking with college students and 20-somethings.

Podcast 005 Living an Available Life with Skip and Buzzie Gray Take a look at endurance and how it plays a huge role in living an available life. We can learn a lot from Skip and Buzzie’s example of making the Bible a focal point in our lives and choosing joy in every circumstance.

Podcast 004 The Simplicity of Discipleship with Skip and Buzzie Gray Discipleship can show up in a lot of different ways, at different times, but it always happens when we’re available and ready to share the Good News, and it requires a level of intentionality.

Podcast 003 Family and Discipleship with Jim Downing “Bringing people to maturity is what it’s all about, because they will reproduce when they are mature.” Jim covers everything from family, the tension of work and ministry, the importance of the Word, and even humor in the midst of discipleship. (All in under 2o minutes!)

Podcast 002 The Importance of Discipleship with Jim DowningJim Downing shares his perspective on fulfilling The Great Commission- what it looks like to be a “witness” and accountable for your influence and, making the most of every opportunity, even while sitting on a plane!

Podcast 001 The Definition of Discipleship with Jim Downing Join us as Jim Downing – “Navigator #6” – explains the heartbeat of The Navigators: making disciples who make disciples. You’ll learn the importance of discipling for growth and maturity, Jim called “equipping to reproduce.”


Blog 035 Leadership is a Choice Not a Rank Leadership is a choice, not a rank. But, how do disciples choose to lead? There is perhaps no better Biblical example (outside of Jesus Himself) of this type of leadership than that of Nehemiah. Blog 35 dives into Nehemiah’s leadership example, including Scripture references and prompts!

Blog 034 The [Transformational] Process of Discipleship As an apprentice, the more we understand and emulate who Christ is, the more we will be transformed and live a life in alignment with His Will. Here are the two questions that should be at the heart of our apprenticeship today.

Blog 033 Facing Opposition What happens when we (as disciplemakers) face challenge or opposition with those we’re discipling? Does God provide insight into how we should respond when we see our apprentice has a clear calling from Him, but he or she doesn’t see it? What if they’re fearful, anxious, or even bitter?

Blog 032 Committing to Commissioning We want to make disciples, but sometimes it’s tricky to know where to truly invest ourselves to move the Kingdom forward. Thankfully, God is not a God of confusion but of clarity and peace. Check out this short, 4-part Bible Study on the concept of calling! (includes “Claiming God’s Promises” flowchart!)

Blog 031 When Your Love Compels You to Go Through the Roof How can we have a heart for people? By carrying them to the feet of Jesus. If you need practical ways to love the people around you, check out this blog. We contrast the friends who literally go through the roof in their love for their paralyzed friend and the Pharisees’ response to Jesus in Luke 5:17-32 (includes application questions).

Blog 030 On Marriage, Disciplemaking & “The Disciplines” Don’t miss this special Q&A with Leah Green, wife, mother, great-grandmother and co-leader of Marriage GetAway. We asked her all the discipleship questions you’ve been looking for real-life answers to! Like: How do you maintain personal health and the health of your marriage as you pour out for others?

Blog 029 Ministry in Marriage “…For better or worse, in sickness or in health, for richer or poorer…” You recognize this section from weddings you’ve attended or even vows you’ve personally committed to. But, (for those of us who have said those or similar words), how many of us think about how this promise is tested over and over until death parts us? This special guest post by Terry and Leah Green dives into what “ministry” can look like in marriage.

Blog 028 Teaching vs. Transference: A Maturity That’s Measurable  Discipleship is NOT simply teaching others what we know; discipleship is about equipping them to pass it on to others. Or, even more simply put: discipleship IS about making spiritual generations. Here’s how to make the shift.

Blog 027 How to Be More Like Jesus in Asking Questions (Bible Study) Are you ready to grow as a disciplemaker who asks good questions, like Jesus? This blog takes a look at a number of questions Jesus asked and invites you to investigate further. (This can also be a great resource to do with the person you are discipling.)

Blog 026 The Art of Invitation It sounds so simple on the surface, but the art of invitation is an incredibly difficult skill to master, especially if it doesn’t come naturally. This blog dives into how Jesus used invitation to lead others toward Salvation in Him, specifically looking at John 4 and the story of the Woman At The Well.

Blog 025 Clarifying How We See, Understand, and Choose Evangelism Evangelism doesn’t have to be scary. This blog explores how we can have a healthy perspective on evangelism and practically choose it in our every-day life! (including seven practical guidelines)

Blog 024 Making Disciples Using Everything I Have In this special guest post by Dana Yeakley we learn about clinging to Jesus -even in our inadequacy. Dana shares how the story of the poor widow reminds us of six things as we make disciples using everything we have.

Blog 023 Reflecting God’s Love We are commanded to love one another, but what should that Christ-like love look like – from our enemies to our most intimate friends? This special guest post by Ron Bennett helps us get a new perspective on Jesus’ “new command”!

Blog 022 God’s Love Language Our love for God begins with His love for us. So, what does God’s love look like and how can we (as disciples) respond to God according to His love language? This special guest post by Ron Bennett helps us find those answers!

Blog 021 The Relational Covenant: Talk to, Not About (part 2)We’re wrapping up our series on the Relational Covenant in this week’s blog on how talking to, not about applies to discipleship relationships. We also have a great “How to Have A Hard Conversation” resource mapped out for you!

Blog 020 The Relational Covenant: Talk to, Not About (part 1)What do you do when you have an issue with someone – a friend, family member, or co-worker? Do you talk it out with a friend, or talk to them directly? We’d suggest talking directly to the person – and here’s why!

Blog 019 The Relational Covenant: Believe the Best (part 2) So what are the effects of Believing the Best in disciplemaking relationships? This blog walks us through the impact, Biblical examples, and “You know you ‘Believe the Best’ If.”

Blog 018 The Relational Covenant: Believe the Best (part 1) The second block to The Relational Covenant, Believe the Best, might just be the most challenging. When we choose to Believe the Best, we choose to force our heart’s motives right into the light. Let’s look at how living this out ensures a successful discipleship relationship!

Blog 017 The Relational Covenant: Stand Shoulder-to-Shoulder (part 2) The first block to The Relational Covenant, Standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder, is the cornerstone of the covenant. But, what is the impact on discipleship? We’ll look at why this principle is essential, Biblical examples, and how you can know if you’re standing shoulder-to-shoulder in your disciplemaking relationships.

Blog 016 The Relational Covenant: Stand Shoulder-to-Shoulder (part 1) The first block to The Relational Covenant, Standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder, is the cornerstone of the covenant. This post teases out exactly what it looks like to stand shoulder-to-shoulder using the Ancient Greek Hoplite Phalanx Maneuver as an illustration.

Blog 015 The Relational Covenant: An Introduction Our very favorite relational tool – read this blog for an introduction to our Relational Covenant Series!

Blog 014 Managing Time: A Disciple’s Perspective BUSY. Too busy. So busy. Overwhelmingly busy. Ready for that “full” schedule to be full of the fruit of the Holy Spirit? This blog walks you through some of the greatest Christian thinkers’ positions on time and time management.

Blog 013 Go (Home) and Make Disciples How do you bring discipleship home? How can you disciple your kids? This blog offers a great starting place!

Blog 012 How to Use The Wheel Illustration in a Discipleship Relationship You may know The Wheel Illustration, but do you know how to break it down to develop the person you are meeting?

Blog 011 Identifying Spiritual Needs Check our Eagle Lake Camps’ tool to identify spiritual needs, because we believe anyone can share the Gospel and develop in spiritual maturity – even kids!

Blog 010 Evangelism and Discipleship Scott Morton, author of Down to Earth Discipleship, shares his thoughts on how discipleship and evangelism can work together in this great guest post!

Blog 009 Developing Biblical Convictions It’s essential to equip young Christian to understand the “why” behind “Best Practices” for walking with Christ if they’re truly to grow in spiritual maturity.

Blog 008 The Joy of Scripture Memory We sit down with Shaunda McQueeney to hear how Scripture is a true joy, not just a rote discipline; and, even better, how to equip someone else to memorize Scripture!

Blog 007 PRAYER There is perhaps no spiritual tool more powerful or more essential than prayer. This blog walks through the challenges of praying faithfully with those we disciple, and why it’s important to persevere!

Blog 006 Introducing SPECK, Our Latest Bible Study Tool This blog walks you through one of the best methods out there not only to grow your own personal Bible study practices but to also equip those you’re discipling to study the Bible on their own!

Blog 005 A Good Discipler Asks Questions We’d argue that any good discipler is like a good detective: s/he knows when to listen and how to ask good questions! This blog gets you started on how to do both.

Blog 004 Active and Strategic Discipleship Successful discipleship must contain elements of active pursuit and strategic interactions. Read how to develop both and active and strategic approach to discipleship.

Blog 003 God’s Best for You Because discipleship is God’s best for you!

Blog 002 Who are Your Friends? You can’t do life-on-life discipleship if you’re not living life alongside people!

Blog 001 An Introduction  Welcome to The Apprentice Approach! We’d like to invite you – the courageous followers of Christ ready to advance His Kingdom – to join us in this discipleship adventure!