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Podcast 020: “The 3 Essentials for Every Leader” (part 2) with Terry Cook

“…Initially, you think, ‘How did they miss it?’ But they didn’t miss it. We miss it. Because John 13, while a great passage, is not the metaphor – not the example – of what leaders are to do. It’s an example of who leaders are. Leaders have to have that servant heart first and foremost to do whatever the Father asks them to do – whether it’s washing the disciples’ feet or riding into Jerusalem through the accolades of people who shouted, ‘King!’ Whatever end of the spectrum you want – the Father – wants you to be on, a leader who has a servant’s heart is willing to do that.” (Terry Cook)


Welcome to The Apprentice Approach Podcast, Episode 020! In today’s conversation, we’re back with Terry Cook, author, speaker, coach, facilitator, and expert on leadership. He’s been in full-time ministry for over 45 years, is a small business owner, husband, father, and grandpa. Terry’s also the founder of the Lead Develop Care Model, which is why, when it comes to the topic of “leadership,” we’re talking to him!

If you missed our last episode, I want to encourage you to go back and listen to it – Terry shared one of the biggest keys to leadership – the leadership people want to follow – so you don’t want to miss it! (Click here for Episode 019)

In today’s episode (part two of our series on leadership), we ask Terry Cook:

  • What are the things we need in order to lead others generationally?
  • How do you (Terry) tangibly live with one foot on both sides: “discipleship” and “leadership”?
  • What are the trends you’re seeing in “coaching” and how is that different from the LDC Model?
  • Where do you begin? What suggestions do you have for our leaders?


First and foremost, I have to remember I am a disciple of Christ. Even though I am a leader and a developer, first and foremost, I am a disciple of Christ…. I think practically, we never separate those two: leadership and discipleship. That, as I mentioned, first and foremost we’re disciples and so we should always be looking for those opportunities. Someone asked me, years ago, specifically this question. I said to him, ‘Well, as a leader and developer I’m always thinking of “The Triple A.” You know, when you think of the “Triple A Association” and that is: A non-Christian, a young Christian, and a -an- older Christian. That even as a leader and developer, I’m always looking for: Is there at least one non-Christian that I’m involved with? Is there one young Christian that I’m helping to learn how to fall in love with Jesus through the basics of discipleship? And, is there a bit of an older Christian that I’m helping to equip to become a disciplemaker? And I don’t do all three of those necessarily at the same time. But, I’m always trying to stay in the mix of that so that I don’t get so bogged down in just working with Christian leaders (or even non-Christian leaders) that I end up forgetting this other key aspect of who I am.”


Join us for part two of our conversation on leadership with Lead Develop Care Model founder Terry Cook! You can also find more about the Lead Develop Care Model, including their blog, resources, trainings, and contact at www.leaddevelopcare.com


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